Whether you, your loved one or your patient is in a wheelchair or simply needs a hand getting around, we can help.

Our highly trained team is deeply experienced in non-emergency transportation services a wide range of passenger populations and offers the most compassionate service. We treat every passenger with care and provide a timely experience — taking pride in our service, minimizing wait times and ensuring passengers get to and from appointments on time. With extensive training and properly equipped vehicles, our team ensures the total safety of all passengers and family members.

  • School districts and educators

  • Medical practices and clinics

  • Senior living facilities

  • Cancer centers

  • Dialysis facilities

  • Hospitals

  • And other care providers

We’re also available 24-7 to offer rides for individuals and their families.

Contact us

If you, your family member or your patients need medical transport, give us a call at 813-951-7300